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I have always been interested in “間” (aida): a thing or a phenomenon in between two things.

My work is about the gradation of light which occurs between opposing relationships, such as the light seeping through from a bright room to a dark room, the shafts of light that leak through a gap in the door and the rays of light that shine into a dark room.

Light is a soft phenomenon overlaying each existence. The gradation of light for me is the gradient between opposed things; it seems like a smooth staircase where opposite things come together.  

People in general are from different backgrounds— culture, religion, gender and age. Therefore, it is naturally difficult to understand each other. And different points of view are only understood when you occupy the same position as the other. There are a lot of things that you do not know if you are not in the other’s position, making it particularly challenging to imagine. For example, the first time I confronted the inconveniences of being a woman and the intolerance of society towards women was only after I became a mother. I realized that I had only vaguely understood these issues before I gave birth.

If no one can be in the same position as the other, then how could we know and face what we cannot see and access? That is my question.  

And the key to understanding this question and this world is to carefully observe and imagine the “aida,” the gradation in between the two; to actively perceive small amounts of light and phenomena such as faint light leaking from gaps and covers, light entering through doors, heat generated from light sources and the reflections on glass.

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