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My House



Installation / wood, door, wallpapers, carpet, monitor, projector etc. / w630×h400×d630cm


真っ暗な空間に入ると、2つの光の筋がぼんやりと見える。 その光はドアの隙間から漏れ出るもので、一つは動いていて、一つは動いていない。動いていない方のドアは中に入ることが出来、自宅から移植した壁紙の部屋へ続く。更に廊下を抜けると、外光の入る明るい部屋へ辿り着く。


In a dark space, streaks of light overflow from the crack between doors : one is moving and the other is stable. Visitors can enter the door with the stable light, leading to a room with wallpaper which is transferred from my house. Then passing through a hallway, they get to a bright room full of sunlight.

This work is based on my experience of going to bed at night. I had stared at streaks of light overflowing from the door cracks when I was in my dark bedroom.  The light changed whenever my parents passed through the hallway. While still awake, I thought about the next room, staring at the light and imagining the bright world beyond. That was the beginning of studying a separation and an in-between situation of two things.


「わたしのおうち」 CAI現代芸術研究所/札幌

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